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What is GLA:D Back?

The GLA:D Back program is an evidence-based treatment program for individuals with persistent and/or recurrent back pain that negatively affects their everyday life and function. The purpose of GLA:D Back is to help patients manage their back pain themselves through a well-described and structured course of treatment. The program was developed in Denmark where it has been implemented throughout the country.

What does the GLA:D Back program entail?

GLA:D Back is a 9-week program including an assessment and 2 education sessions in the first week, followed by 2 supervised group exercise sessions per week for 8 weeks. A re-assessment will be performed once the program is completed to assess progress.

What kind of exercise is performed in GLA:D Back?

Exercise in GLA:D Back is based on the combination of improving strength, endurance and movement, focusing on regaining natural movement patterns and increasing confidence. The program does not focus on a perfect execution of the exercises – the program focuses on relaxed, variable movement that works for the individual patient.

How does GLA:D Back help?

Patient education and supervised exercise for patients with persistent or recurrent back painare recommended as first-line interventions in several international guidelines. Patienteducation and exercise have positive effects on back problems and little risk of harms. At thesame time, education and exercise have been shown to prevent new episodes of back pain.Evidence and theories behind GLA:D ®  BACK have been published in several academic journals.

Who is GLA:D Back for?

The program is designed for patients with persistent and/or recurrent back pain that negatively affects their everyday life and function. The patient and the therapist jointly decide whether GLA:D ®  BACK is relevant. As with any other treatment, the decision about patient participationin a GLA:D ®  BACK course is based on a clinical assessment and patient preference.

What do I need to participate?

First, talk to friendly our staff and chiropractors to see if you are eligible for GLA:D Back. If so, you will need to wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, but you don't need special sports clothing or shoes. You can wear indoor shoes or exercise in bare feet. If taking the online course, you will also need access to the internet, an electronic device to access the classes, an exercise mat, and a resistance band.


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